Mylife: Living in Namibia

4 months( almost). That’s how long I have been living in Namibia. What has it been like? Short answer is, I’m loving it. Let me just clarify, I love SA,I am still proudly South African, but its going to take something really special to get me back there.

Let me explain why I love it here. Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are classified as cities, but they maintain the aura of a small town. You never further than a few minutes drive from where you want to be in town. Rush hour is 10 cars on the road. Everyday I take Maddie( our dog) for a walk down at the river, and if we come across 5 people that’s a lot. Everything is slow going, peaceful and you have a sense of freedom that you never find in Cape Town. It really is like living in a Small platteland dorpie, just with big land cruisers instead of hilux plaas bakkies, and 4×4’s instead of mommy vans and softroader suv’s.

Before the sand jokes come in, yes there is a desert here with lots and lots of sand. It is something special seeing the dunes everyday, but that is not all Namibia has to offer, Namibia remains an untouched natural beauty. From the wild horses that roam the south, to the might elephants and lions that traverse the gigantic Etosha pan. I haven’t even come close to exploring the vast landscapes of the country, but I hope to see it all one day.

I mentioned earlier the sense of freedom that Namibia offers, here are a few examples. You can go the the petrol station shop, and buy beer. Yes proper beer, not alcohol free cat pee, proper barley and hops beer. The beach isn’t like Cape Town beaches where you mayn’t do anything. If you have a 4×4 you can go park of the beach and have a braai, at the waters edge. The Dunes are your play ground for off-road fun. And if you just want to get away for the weekend, its just a quick drive into the desert and you at one of many stunning camping grounds, where you can spend the night under the stars, and not have a single soul near here for miles. Mountain biking here is also a new experience, there are set trails, you pretty much follow a general direction, but you make your own route.

Now I’m not saying Namibia is perfect, far from it. People are still stuck on facebook instead of using the rest of the internet, the taxi’s are just as bad as SA, only difference is that they drive corolla’s and not quantum buses. The government think they are supreme leaders and drive in convey’s that rival that of Obama. The roads are wider in town that on the national highways, and reckless drivers are a common site.

Fact remains, Namibia is a giant playground, and I love it here. I’ll start up a photo gallery soon sharing some of the photo’s I’ve taken around Namibia, just so that you poor Saffa’s can see what its like here.

Moon Valley