Kyalami bought by Porsche SA for R205mil

Here is a quick late night post/Breaking news story. Kyalami Race track when up for auction today, and was bought by Porsche SA for the measly amount of R205Mil.

Petrol heads around the world are in jubilation as a race track is saved from the clutches of vulture developers who just want to build giant office parks and housing developments with 2 roads in and out( see century City Cape Town at 17:00).

Hopefully this means good things for SA motorsport, worst case scenario Porsche turns it into their Private testing facility, in which case I would like to put my CV forward as a test driver.

Here is a clip of the auctions going down:

Damn those rich people, bidding millions at a time like that.

Have a picture of a 918 Spyder to wash that down.
porsche 918

Pretty R9mil there, Porsche only need to sell 23 of them and they have their private race track paid for.