Zuckerberg worth more than Google guys

While digging around the internet for something interesting, I came across this bit of interesting info.

The Facebook Inc. chairman added $1.6 billion to his fortune today after the world’s largest social network closed at a record. The surge elevated the 30-year-old’s net worth to $33.3 billion, moving him past Brin, 40, and Page, 41, as well Inc. (AMZN) Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos, 50, on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Zuckerberg is No. 16 on the ranking. The Google founders are 17th and 18th. Bezos occupies the 20th spot.

“He’s just getting started,” David Kirkpatrick, author of “The Facebook Effect,” said in a telephone interview. “He’s going to become the richest person on the planet.”

Source: Bloomberg

What a tough life old Mark must have. Here is a info-graph comparing him to a average 30 year old male.


Namibia probably contributes half of that income with their pointless groups instead of using proper websites, but that’s a topic for another day.