Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

first off, I need to share this bit of information before I tell you how awesome guardians of the galaxy was. Swakopmund Cinema. Lets start with the good parts. The 3D is good, the sound quality is good,albeit a bit soft and the screen was crisp and clean. As for the actual cinema, lets call it cozy with no cup holders. Thats still fine though, its a small town, we shouldn’t expect a massive Cinema. This is the part that gets me. When you reach the till to buy your tickets, you expect a computer setup with the screen showing you the seating layout along with register and a printer to print your ticket. Nope, what you get is a laminated A4 sheet that has the layout, and the elderly gentleman behind the counter uses a whiteboard marker to cross off the booked seats on the sheet. He then proceeds to write your ticket for you. Thats right people, hand written movie tickets.Don’t believe me?

Swakop Movie Ticket


See, handwritten movie ticket. We went to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy in the 1950’s people. Enough about that though, onto the movie.

As we have come to expect from the Marvel franchise, Guardians is packed full of exceptional special effects, massive action scenes and great character interaction. If you expecting a clone of Avengers though, you are very much mistaken. The guardians are not golden hearted super heroes. They are a bunch of ragtag criminals who just happen to have a good heart and a desire not to die.

I’m not going to go into the storyline, just to prevent and spoilers. I do want to tell you about the characters though. We first meet Peter Quill aka Starlord. A kid from the 80’s who just grew up in space. Chris Pratt plays the role so naturally that it almost seems as if he isn’t acting. Then we got Gamora, the green chick who is a tough cookie assassin with a good heart. Next up we got Drax, the muscle. He is a big dude with a few anger issues, but his mannerism is quite funny especially his use of metaphors. Then we have Groot, the tree with a limited vocabulary yet almost steals the show. Finally we have Rocket, a character I can relate to. He says what he wants, how he wants and when he wants to. What I really like about him is his slightly twisted sense of humour.

I can’t recommend this movie enough, you have to go watch it. It may not be the serious style of Dark knight & Man of Steel, nor the epic grandeur of the Avengers. The thing is, Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t pretend to be either. Its a great time with a epic nostalgic soundtrack, a hint of satire, seriously funny moments and massive action scenes.

P.S. those that follow the Marvel movies will spot one or two familiar faces from previous post credit teasers.

guardians of the galaxy