Save the Rhino: airlifting them?

Rhinos Without Borders have started with a brave campaign to airlight rhinos from South Africa to botswana.

Starting in January 2015, a conservation group will fly as many as 100 rhinos from South Africa to Botswana in an attempt to save the animal from extinction.

The relocation project comes after one of the deadliest years for rhinos on record, with more than 1,000 killed in South Africa alone, according to the South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs.

The project called Rhinos Without Borders was launched by filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert in July as a joint effort between the conservation tourism companies &Beyond and Great Plains Conservation.

Rhinos are regularly poached for their horns, which are ground up and consumed for their purported healing powers. The rhino horns sell on the black market for more than $30,000 per pound.

Almost 14 rhinos are shot every week, according to Save the Rhino International, and by some estimates, rhinos could become completely extinct in five to ten years. “It has really escalated to almost epidemic proportions,” Dereck Joubert said.

Of the 25,000 remaining rhinos in Africa, 20,000 live in South Africa. Rhinos Without Borders wants to relocate up to 100 rhinos to a less densely populated region in Botswana, where strict laws against poaching have created a safe haven for the animals.

Source: Mashable

Its about time something gets done. My question is this, what laws do Botswana have that South Africa don’t to protect against poaching? Why doesn’t the SA government implement the same laws? Maybe they too scared to piss off the Asian markets. It is after all how they keep their wallets nice and fat.

I say take all those 20 000 rhinos out of South African and put them in countries that can actually protect them, not just pretend to care while actually spending money on their fancy estates and takeaways.