Its that time: Barclay’s Premier League 14/15

This weekend is the start of the Premier league,which is not something my wife likes to hear. It’s good news for me though. It means I get a glorious 2 hours of uninterrupted footy. Now I will proudly admit that I am a Manchester United supporter, even though last season was a difficult one. I had high hopes for Moysie, but the went out the window very quickly and we ended up 7th. Tough times for United supports, for once we got to feel what “the other red team” felt like in the past seasons.

Thankfully that’s all over now, Moysie is out, Louis van Gaal is in, and he has made quite a difference. From what I’ve seen of the pre-season there is a renewed desire to play from the players, dare I say a confidence that was clearly lacking last season, to quote the commentators from FIFA13, they playing with a swagger unlike the united teams of old. Lets hope that it results in a good season. While winning the league remains the dream, I’m just hoping for a top 4 finish so that we back where we belong, the Champions League. United needs to be competing with the top teams in Europe, they are the bride of Old Trafford. Here to hoping that van Gaal can take us there.

Time to discuss the other teams I suppose. Man shitty, I mean Mancity remain a thread with their silly amounts of money, hopefully they choke on that money and end up losing. If that doesn’t happen I predict a top 3 finish for them in the league.

Arsenal, shame they are really the sad case of the legacy kid. The one whose older brothers were greats, but now they just okay, winning here and there but always end up just not good enough at the end. Yes they did win the FA cup, but they really need to find form and keep it to really compete. Realistically I see them 4th/5th.

Chelsea. I’m still hoping for a asteroid to hit Stamford bridge.

And of course, the other red team, Liverpool. They had a magical season last time around, just falling short at the last hurdle on their way to winning the league. I’m afraid the same will happen again. Without their werewolf Suarez they are going to struggle. To make things harder they are in Champions league for the 1st time since 2010. I do seem them in the top 4/5, probably competing with Arsenal for 4th place.

Other teams to watch this season, Tottenham can never be counted out, though I don’t think they will break into the top 4, maybe we lucky and they give the top 5 a real push. There is also Everton, they played some impressive football last season, and if they can keep that up this time around, I see them really giving the top boys a hard time.

This is all predictions though, the final result will only be determined on the pitch, and I can’t wait.

Glory Glory MAN UNITED!