ATM armed robbery caught on camera

Here is a video clip of a successful armed robbery, unfortunately I don’t have the details as to where or when exactly it happened, but it was recently, and clearly in South Africa, probably JHB.

I’m not surprised the guys got away with the money, those armed guards weren’t exactly well trained by the looks of things. Just because you give someone a gun doesn’t automatically mean they know how to use it. That is clearly obvious at the start of the clip when you see the second armed guard accidentally discharges his pistol, nearly shooting his own partner. I’ll admit, I would also run the other way if I saw guys coming at me with AK47, but in my defence I’m not supposed to be an armed security guard. Those to than just ran away are.

The problem is that companies hire unqualified and poorly trained guys to do jobs like this, because it means they can pay them less. If the Security company had hired professionally trained guards, which proper tactical training, they wouldn’t been able to handle the situation properly, not run away or just lay there shooting aimlessly in the general direction of the criminals. No, well trained guys would’ve taken a safe tactical position, and defended the asset( this case the box full of money).  At least I would hope they do something like that.