Friday Music Video: AC/DC

They shook you all night long, left you Thunderstruck, they are T.N.T. and on the highway to hell. Yes, today’s music video is of the great AC/DC. I had the problem, which song do I pick for today, given they are all rock classics, scratch that, they are Rock Anthems. To solve the problem, I’m just going to put all of them here. Ladies and gentlemen, please close everything work related, turn up your speakers, stand on the desk and raise your hand with the sign of the horn. It is time for AC/DC!

We will start off with T.N.T.

Its time to get thunderstruck

A personal Favourite of mine, shook me all night long

And now we are on the highway to hell.

Damn those ou ballies can still rock it out. Have a good weekend people.