Camping at Brandberg: Cigars and stars

To celebrate my wife’s birthday, we went camping for the night at the white lady lodge which is at the foot of the brandberge. For those of you who don’t know how to use google maps. This is where it is:

What a fun weekend that was, camping is so much fun. Beers on the road, stopping every now and then just to admire the view and pee, playing games that annoy the foreigners( See Vortex ball). See the point of camping is to just relax and have fun and Namibia is just the perfect place for that. There are very few things better than sitting around the table in nature under the starlight night playing texas hold’em with a good cigar.

While that is all a grand time with all the endless laughter and great stories, what I really love about camping is just sitting at the fire at the end of the night, the last of the flames dancing to keep you warm,  watching the majestic night sky with the millions of stars. That’s when you really get the chance to completely unwind without a single thing to disturb you. If I could I would probably still be sitting in that same spot.

Another great thing about camping in Namibia is the chance for some proper 4×4’ing. The next morning we took a trip down the dry riverbed of the Ugab river. Let me just say two things, first I want a Toyota Prado 120 4.0L V6, it has to be one of the best luxury 4×4’s you can get. Second don’t under estimate the little Terios 4×4, that little terrier of a car went everywhere the prado went, sometimes doing even better than the prado.

The reason for going down the riverbed, besides “because we can” was to look for the desert elephants, alas we weren’t able to track them down, but next time we will get them. After that we took the long road around the Mountain. What a huge mountain it actually is. For those that believe that Namibia is just a desert, you are sadly mistaken. Go to the gallery to see the natural untouched beauty Namibia has to offer.