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Internet Security: How safe are you really?

While catching up on the recent events over the weekend, I found one of the biggest stories in recent times. A whole bunch of celebrities had their private icloud accounts hacked, many of them had very revealing pictures leaked. I’m not going to go into detail on who and what pictures were leaked, you welcome to go google it if you interested. I’m actually going to offer you some useful information for being safe on the internet.

Tip 1. Do not take compromising pictures. Ever. Simple as that. That way it can’t end up on “those” websites.

Tip 2. Use a secure password. See below for tips on what a secure password is.

Tip 3. Stay off dodgy sites, if you not sure if it’s dodgy or not, it is probably dodgy.

Tip 4. Never give out your personal info or credit card info, unless you want to give me money to buy a ps4.

Follow those steps and you should be fine. Here are a few infographics to help understand the internet, hacking & security.

25-Years-of-Internet hacking password-protection

Sources of infographics: business2community and mashable.