Africa Big5

Some of Africa’s most dangerous animals

Africa is renown for have some of the most deadly and dangerous animals in the world. We have the Big5 after all, and here are a few clips demonstrating how dangerous these animals can be.

just look how that elephant abuses that ribbon. *disclaimer yes that is not an African elephant I know, just go with me on this one ok?

That lion just attacked that man with the most brutal of hugs.

how vicious is that lion huh?

Now before we get a swarm of foreigners arriving at African shores hoping to play with lions and elephants like you see here, it needs to be said that the animals in the wild won’t be so friendly. Our lions will probably give you the same hug, just with more teeth. As for the elephants, well they might swing you around like that ribbon as well.


Lioness at Etosha 2013