Teeterboard is a thing apparently

Don’t know what teeterboarding is? Don’t worry neither did I before watching this clip. Turns out that the normal playground see-saw isn’t cool enough, and trampolines are to easy to use. Theses annoyingly talented guys decided to start doing crazy stuff on a teeterboard.

And you thought you were a bad-ass as a kid when you got a bit airborne on the seesaw. They taking the rules of physics and just throwing them out the window, actually more like flipping them off the end of the teeterboard. Their parents must be so proud of them, they could’ve become doctors or lawyers, but instead they are doing flips of the end of the piece of wood. Ok that was a bit mean, my bad, I’ll admit I a bit jealous of the guys being able to do that.

FYI, I can do a front flip on a trampoline, and sometimes land on my feet. #badasstoo