Namibia is also exciting

The weekend the white people of Cape Town were sent into a complete frenzy after a shooting at one of their beloved and over rated drinking holes, Eastwoods. This week was probably full of overly sensitive people going to psychiatrists to talk about how this event traumatised them. Now they got a glimpse of what its like south of the N2.

Well not to be left out of the action, the people of Swakopmund were shaken by the news of a local restaurant burning down last night. Thats right, a real fire. There was fire-fighters and real flame and everything. The people were standing around watching like it was the Sunday night movie on MNET. Very riveting stuff.

The excitement didn’t stop there, oh no. This morning the main roads were brought to a stand still while these mammoth things were being transported to one of the mines nearby.

Wow, How super duper exciting is that shit?


*PS for those that don’t pick up on it, this article was written with a large amount of sarcasm. I couldn’t find any cool stories on the internet this morning, so I decided I would write my own.