blood moon

Don’t Freak out, its just a blood moon

As many of you may have noticed thanks to the endless posts on facebook, tonight is going to be a blood moon. What is a blood moon you may ask, not to worry, I have the answer for you:

Why Is a Blood Moon Rare?

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes behind Earth and into our planet’s shadow. The moon orbits Earth every 28 days or so, so why the moon isn’t eclipsed every time it moves behind our planet? The answer lies in the tilted orbit of the moon, which usually puts it a bit out of alignment with the Earth and sun. The straight alignment needed for an eclipse usually happens only once every few years.

This year is one of the rare years with multiple lunar eclipses. Wednesday’s will be the second in a series of four—a tetrad—over two years. That pattern won’t repeat for another 20 years or so.

Now before you get too excited People of Africa and Europe, We won’t see anything, because its happening on the other side of the world. As usual the damn American’s are getting the cool stuff, selfish bastards. Fear not though, because if you would still like to see it happen, National Geographic are offering a free living streaming for us less fortunate folk.

Live Streaming link.

If you don’t know what time it starts, it will be 15:30 Namibia/SA time.(GMT +2).

Source: National Geographic