IT support

Lets delve into the world of IT.

Before you think I’m going to get all technical and you not going to understand a word in this article, fear not. I’m not going to talk about IT exactly, more about the people that work in IT, and those that claim they do.

For those of you that aren’t in the IT field, we may all seem the same or know the same things. This is not the case, for you see IT is actually a very vague term. IT includes guys that plug in your mouse when it comes loose to the guys that write programs for NASA. It is this confusion that makes things very frustrating and in some cases even dangerous for both sides of the fence.

Let me explain. You get IT people, and then you get people that know computers. Two completely different people. IT people have proper training and expertise in the different fields. Guys that know computers, well they are the dangerous ones. Most of them started out as kids or teenagers who play a lot of computer games and one day build their own PC( P.S. it is not that hard to do, seriously its easy). They then figured hey this seems like fun. It is fine to let these guys help you with your small pc problem at home, but for the love of all things sacred, please do not let them work on your business IT infrastructure. There is a reason why IT people( or their parents) paid buckets full of money to go to college. It is so that they are qualified and properly trained to offer businesses reliable IT solutions.

Before I continue, I must just say. There are guys out there they are damn good at what they do in the IT field without going to college and getting a diploma. They put in hours of hard work to train themselves and improve their skills. I’m not talking about those guys. The people I’m talking about are the ones that THINK they know what they doing, because they saw this thing on the internet or a buddy showed them this trick. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

Here is a quick case study if you want to call it that of what I’m talking about. This is an advert for someone claiming to be IT guy, offering services to people, and charging them for it. To protect myself from law suits or crap like that, I won’t post the actual advert. I am going to list what he offers though.:

We Make any PC run 100x faster
We reset PC passwords
We resolve network problems
We increase PC virtual memory

If you see adverts like that, please run away, far far away. It is impossible to make a pc run 100x faster, unless you have a pc from the 90’s and replace it with the latest hardware on the market today. But then its not the same pc any more. I’m going to skip the 2nd and 3rd ones, I wouldn’t let them near any form of network or “reset” a password. I want to talk about the last one, increase PC virtual memory. This hasn’t been necessary since 2006. Most people are running windows vista,7 or 8 nowadays, and if you still running XP you probably on the most updated version( if not please get a new PC). All the latest operating systems handle the vitual memory automatically, you don not need to fiddle with it, in fact you shouldn’t, because the system will optimise it for you.

There are also lots of people advertising “IT services” in the area here. Things like virus removal & repair, anti virus installation, computer tune-ups. Please don’t give these guys your hard earned money. Anti virus installation for example: just google avast or avg, download it and install. Boom you have anti virus. There is no need to be scared of your pc. It’s just a machine and most of the time it tells you what you need to do, just simply read.

Now you may ask why am I ranting about these mickey mouse computer guys. Well the problem is that these people are preventing people and more importantly businesses from reaching the full potential of their IT infrastructure. In this day and age, you can’t run a successful company without some form of IT, be it a laptop, printer or email. Now if these companies keep using the clownshow IT people, they will be stuck in the duct taped infrastructure and never reach a level of efficiency and success they would using a Professional IT specialist.

Like I said, there is a reason why we go to college and get a diploma, it is to make sure that we know what we doing when we start working. So remember, IT people, good, Pietie* who knows computers. bad.

Next week I will do another post explaining the different fields within IT in normal words, so that you know as well.

*Fictitious name, I don’t know an actual pietie.