Zip Line

Cape Town Zipline, 2.3 km’s of fun

People of Cape Town, you have something really awesome to do now, instead of shooting each other at eastwoods or going to the robbery malls. GO ZIPLINE!

That looks like epic fun. If you are scared of heights, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you stand a better chance going full speed into the side of the mountain than you do falling off the zip line. Maybe that doesn’t help your fears, but it is way better than being shot at canal walk over cellphones and ipads don’t think?

If you do decide to go, remember the extra pair of undies and to go WHEEEEEEE as you fly through the air, 155m above the ground. Remember to look down as well, increases the fear factor and gives the other people something to laugh at when you arrive at the other side screaming like a little girl.

For more info go to to book.