I’m Back

Yes I know, its been 6 months since I last posted. I’ll admit that I went all guns blazing into this whole blog thing, with an idea in my head on what I wanted to do, but without a clear plan of action. As a result I was all over the place with my topics and posts. The novelty of the whole thing got boring as well and so I lost interest. That and I had other things which needed my attention. Starting a new company doesn’t leave much time for blogging.

I have decided though I will take a few moments a week to try and post, because I’ve started to miss it and I’m sure you have as well( shame on you if you didn’t). There will be a few changes though. First off, I will not be posting every day, I just simply don’t have the time and material to make each days post worthwhile. I will also not be reposting crap I find on the internet thats been covered a hundred times on other blogs. That being said, if I come across something really awesome like bacon wrapped grilled cheese I will share it, because who doesn’t want a bacon wrapped grilled cheese? Besides Muslims and Jews, but they don’t know what they missing.

I’ll try and keep Friday music video going, and every now and then there will be a funny picture post, because who doesn’t like a good chuckle now and then. I just won’t be doing it every week, because I don’t have the time to find the pictures. You more than welcome to send me funnies you find on the internet, if I also think its funny I’ll add it to the post. email it to wesley@thesouti.com

Now you ask, if I’m not going to be posting random crap, what exactly will be on the Souti Blog? Well is going to be tales from my personal experience, personal life experiences. This was my original plan for the blog. Some of my favourite posts were those where I got to tell a story. I got side tracked with youtube clips and funny pictures I lost sight of what I wanted to do here.

Sit back, relax and give The Souti Blog version 2.0 a try, hopefully this time around I get it right, the way I originally planned.