The Souti Blog is ALIVE!!! After a being left in the dumps for more than 2 years, I have resurrected the The Souti Blog so that it once again be the voice of reason on the the internet and the source of hope and inspiration for the millions.

Okay maybe not, but I am back. Now the Blog won’t be what it used to be when it first started, I won’t be posting every day, its probably going to be closer to once a week if I have something to say or share.

For a bit of nostalgia this was the original “About page” contents.
I am a left handed, english speaking, Man utd supporting, mid 20’s white guy who hails from Cape Town originally, spent most of my teenage years in a small Afrikaans dorpie, moved back to the mother city to study and work( IT genius I am). Now I live in Namibia with my wife and trying to take Namibia to the next level, one step at a time.

The Souti Blog is a brain child of mine, I needed a place to get my opinions and ideas out, hopefully you enjoy the stories that I post, and to bad if you don’t. Most posts will be stuff I find funny or interesting, throw in a few cars and bikes because I like cars, lots of sport, add movie and series reviews, a dash of ranting, you have the recipe for The Souti Blog.