I am a left handed, english speaking, Man utd supporting, mid 20’s white guy who hails from Cape Town originally, spent most of my teenage years in a small Afrikaans dorpie, moved back to the mother city to study and work( IT genius I am). Now I live in Namibia with my wife and trying to take Namibia to the next level, one step at a time.

The Souti Blog is a brain child of mine, I needed a place to get my opinions and ideas out, hopefully you enjoy the stories that I post, and to bad if you don’t. Most posts will be stuff I find funny or interesting, throw in a few cars and bikes because I like cars, lots of sport, add movie and series reviews, a dash of ranting, you have the recipe for The Souti Blog.

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  1. Kyle says:

    This is laaaaame! 😉

    You sold a PB Fiesta ST… *sigh*

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