Modifications – Audi 100L Rally time

Most of the Mods are done, no you not going to see the full car yet. I will only show the car when its 100% done. So for now, you are going to have to just accept the teaser shots.

The changes we have made so far:

  • Heavy duty skid plate, because the some fairly important engine components sit very low, like the radiator hose.
  • slightly bigger tyres. We tried really big tyres which at first seemed like the perfect fit, until 4 guys sat in the car and we had endless rubbing, so had to dial it back a bit.
  • Roof Rack and a row of spot lights, just incase the sun decides to take the day off.
  • Set a springbok horns on the front, because it give 20 more horse power.
  • Airhorn on the roof rack with secret button.
  • Hub caps to protect the original rims.
  • Then a few changes and upgrade on the inside for extra power points

Now the only major jobs left is the stickers and full shake down test drive happening this week.

Hub caps, because they look cool from far, and rims are expensive.

Skid plate, slightly overkill, but at least the engine is safe now.

Air horn, just incase someone is in the way…in the next town.

Whats a old timer Rally without a set of horns.

more horns.

Supplies. No comment on the contents.

Just in case it gets a bit dark.

Not your average Audi 100L hey?