Tuesday Funnies

After a quiet week here at The Souti, I figured I should provide healthy dose of comic relief. So as per usual, its Tuesday Funnies.  


Friday Music Video: AronChupa

For today’s music video I’m not following the norm of posting a live performance or a old school classic. Today is something a little alternative, but I can’t get this song out my head. Its just so awesome. Without further delay, here is AronChupa – I’m a Albatraoz. When the beat drops you can’t help but jam…


Excellent Advert from Toyota

Now I’m not always the biggest fan of Toyota’s. Its not that they crap cars, I just don’t like them all that much, the land cruisers and prado 120 being the exception. Toyota have always been the safe, reliable, some what boring car brand. Well after watching this ad, I think someone at Toyota Germany…

gymkhana 7

Ken Block and the Hoonicorn: gymkhana 7

Everyone should know who Ken block is by this stage, the man that has brought us 6 gymkhana specials, the shredder of tyres and all round petrol head. He started out with a subaru, and quickly realised that Ford is better. 😀 Well for Gymkhana 7 Mr. Block has climbed into something really special, a…

counting crows

Friday Music Video: Counting Crows

Today I bring you Counting Crows from the O2 Wireless festival circa 2008. Just to make to more entertaining, its a double header, Mr. Jones and Big Yellow Taxi. The guy looks like a rasta hobo, but he has awesome voice, and their music is easy listening, perfect for the start of the weekend. Skip…