The Rough and Tough Rally

The Rough & Tough Rally. What is it? Well I would think thats pretty obvious, its rough & tough. And its a Rally.

The official description of the Rough & Tough Rally from theirĀ Facebook page:

The Rough & Tough Rally : This is an fun event and not a race!
It’s a opportunity to make new friends and explore Namibia and it’s people while having fun!
Sitting around a camp fire talking about all the trouble of the day and being excited for the next!
We are trying to make it as cheap and pleasant as we possibly can. Our selected campsites will
provide us with the best and greatest hospitality, providing us with a much needed cash bar for a
cold one after a long dusty bumpy warm and hopefully trouble free day!
Let’s also not forget that all funds, contributions and fund’s raised will be donated to the cancer association of Namibia.
association of Namibia! Therefore the more funds we raise, the better.

Rough & Tough Rally

Car specifications; Must be older than 1990 and the initial value must be less than 35000 namibian dollars!

This event is all about having fun and not who finishes it first!

All funds and money raised will be donated to the Namibian cancer association!

The dates are 24-27 May 2018.

The Route will start and finish in Windhoek.

Now As I am not an organizer of the event, I feel its not my place to give up any more info. So if you would like to find out more, get in contact with the guys via their Facebook page above.

Will the Souti be at the Rally?

You bet your top dollar I will be. I will be joining a crew of 3 other outstanding gentlemen, and we will be having a proper good time of it. As time gets closer to the rally I will be sharing some more info our car( its old), our theme( its awesome) and any other worthwhile bits of info. For now I will share this, our car is German, my crew members are German, our theme is not German.