We are ready -Rough and Tough Rally 2018

The car is ready. We are ready. Nothing is actually packed yet and we leave tomorrow. So all in all, we are good to go.

Oh, you may notice we have a theme, We are team Vikings. with Viking beards and helmet beanies to match and a few more unique touches that will remain a surprise till the official start of the race.

I would also like to dedicate this post to our sponsors, those that worked on the car and those who gave cash donations. This is a charity race for the Cancer association of Namibia, and the guys below really went above and beyond helping us get ready:

Ships Management Services
West Auto Electric
Cellstop Namibia
West Coast Joinery
Rainbow Aviation Fueling Sevices
F45 Training Walvis Bay
Orca Marine Services
Namib Marine Services
Coastal Engineering
Gerrit Esterhuyse
Hanjo de Vries
Radio Electronics

The photos below do not include our sponsor stickers, as they were only put on last week. Atleast now you get to see how the car looks, and doesn’t she look good? We had a few issues that needed fixing( slight overheating problem, roof rack coming off) but that is all sorted( we hope). Wish us luck, and follow the rally on Facebook.